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Insect Mist Systems

Do you want to be rid of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, mud daubers, spiders or gnats? An insect mist system is your solution. It conveniently controls the insect population in your outdoor living space, backyard, dock or barn without any effort. Misting 2-5 times a day for about 30 seconds is all it takes, and the results are astounding! A typical system installation will range from $2,000 - $5000. Annual service will range from $100 - $800 whether you choose to service your system or have our team take care of it for you.

Pump Units
We offer tank or tank-less systems. Each of these units are fully automatic and digital. Options include: multiple tubing color choices, anti-siphon device, agitation, leak detection, remote transmitter, rain sensor, wind sensor, external filter kit, cycle timer, zone kit and phone app. We install Mistaway systems which is the industries’ top of the line system.

Insect Mist Systems in College Station TX
125 Gallon Drum
Mistaway Insect System Montgomery TX
Drum Unit

Tankless Unit

Nozzles, Risers and Tubing
The misting nozzles can be located on eaves, ceilings, fences, trees and in the landscape. Each stainless steel nozzle tip can be maintained for years without having to replace it when it is combined with our external filter kit. Contained within each tip is a precision anti-drip tension spring and stopper as well as a filter. When combined with the correct nozzle size and pressure, these consistently produce the optimum droplet size with no dripping residual.

The landscape risers are made of either ¼” copper tubing or our ½” commercial grade metal encasing. They come in 14” and 32” lengths along with their patented stake system. The line is 1/4” flex nylon tubing that will last a lifetime. It comes in black, white, tan, cocoa and gray or can even be painted if necessary.

Fence Nozzle
Fence Nozzle
Tree Nozzle
Tree Nozzle
Nozzle Riser
Nozzle Riser

We pride ourselves on designing an effective, custom system that virtually disappears into your landscape and on your house. We are capable of doing a rough-in on a building under construction or on an existing structure. When the line is buried in the ground, we protect the line using PVC or irrigation tubing.

Eave Nozzle - Rough-in
Eave Nozzle - Rough-in
Eave Nozzle - Retrofit
Eave Nozzle - Retrofit
Ceiling Nozzle
Ceiling Nozzle - Rough-in
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