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College Station Wildlife Control

Are you having problems with some type of wildlife that has entered your structure or has damaged the yard in some way? We are equipped and capable of removing the wildlife and providing a permanent solution so that it does not happen again.

Every situation calls for a unique removal or control strategy. The methods we will use may include:

  • Habitat Modification - advice on ways to change the outdoor setting to keep critter from coming again
  • Exclusion - using various construction methods to keep animal from entering structure in the future
  • Repellents - any type of materials that the animal smells or tastes that keeps them away
  • Trapping - using a humane method by which to catch the animal and remove it
  • Toxicants - materials used for controlling the animal as a result of them ingesting it

The animals we typically deal with include armadillos, birds, snakes, racoons, possums, squirrels, moles, gophers and bats.

Willife control  in Byran TX
Wildlife Control
Willife control  in Byran TX
Squirrel Exclusion


Wildlife Control offered in :

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