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College Station Fumigation

Do you have furniture in your home that has beetles or termites in it? Do you have animal feed at your facility that is infested with moths, beetles or weevils? Do you have a rodent infestation at your feed mill facility? Fumigation may be the best solution for gaining immediate control of the pest. We are licensed, insured, and equipped to perform this type of work.

When the pest situation is appropriate for a structural fumigation it is extremely effective with a 100% control of the pest. Consult with us to determine if this type of control is the right decision for you. If it is, then we will give you a quote and solid guarantee. Then we will perform the job in a professional and timely manner as promised.

Fumigations we do include finished feed product insect control, feed facility rodent control and furniture powder post beetle control.

Why Choose Professional Pest Fumigation?

While having to fumigate your facility or furniture item can be an inconvenience, sometimes it’s the only way to get insects, rodents, and other pests out of your building for good. This is especially true if you have a huge infestation and they are hard to eliminate. Fumigation requires a gas that uses sulfuryl fluoride as the active ingredient. This service can only be offered by a pest professional with the proper insurance, qualifications, and licensing.

The Process

The area or item is prepped and sealed using poly sheeting and then the fumigant is introduced as a gas. The gas disperses, penetrating through the walls and the wood. It reaches the target pest at a prescribed rate and time. Once the target pest is controlled, the building is then ventilated. Once it is determined that the space is safe for occupation then re-entry is allowed.

Fumigation is often a highly effective option for eliminating pests. However, it may not provide long-term prevention or control. It’s best to include other practices for ongoing pest management, such as regular inspections and proper sanitation.

What Types of Pests Can Be Fumigated?

  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Weevils
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Dry-wood Termites
  • Rodents

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Trailer Corn Weevil Fumigation
Trailer Corn Weevil Fumigation
Truck Furniture Beetle Fumigation
Truck Furniture Beetle Fumigation


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