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Infratech Electric Heaters vs Other Heating Sources

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A chart showing a comparison of Infratech heaters vs traditional gas-fired heaters and outdoor fireplaces: 

  Infratech Electric Heaters Traditional Gas-Fired Heaters and Outdoor Fireplaces
Efficiency Convert over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat. Are often less than 50% efficient
Emissions Operate with zero greenhouse gases or odors. Emit carbon monoxide and hazardous gases as a by-product of fuel combustion.
Tank Refills Have no refillable tanks. Require refills of propane tanks or wood.
Indoor Use
UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use.
Require ventilation.
Cost Less expensive to purchase and operate than traditional outdoor heating options. Cost more to acquire and maintain.
Size Have minimal clearance requirements. Feature larger profiles.
Maintenance Virtually maintenance-free. Require annual cleaning maintenance.
Control Options Offer infinite heat intensity control and zoning capabilities with timer and remote options. Provide little to no heat control.
Appearance of Exhaust Emit a pleasing, ambient glow compared to the harsh glare of short-wave heaters. Produce smoke that can be hazardous in drought-prone regions or windy conditions.

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