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Mosquito Control Options

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There are a lot of ways to reduce or repel the number of mosquitoes that are bothering you. Here is a list of many of them.

Source Reduction - Remove any water that collects such as drain areas, drains, water meter boxes, irrigation control valve boxes, propane access holes, water cut-off valve boxes, drainage boxes, gutters, tires, kiddie pools, puddles, flower pot water trays, bird baths, fountains and leaks.

Repellant Sprays - Spray repellent that is sprayed or rubbed on clothes and skin that works by overwhelming the insects’ odor receptors which keep them from detecting people.

Wrist Band Repellants - An easy way to deter mosquitoes without repellants being put directly onto your skin.

Fuel Powered Repellants - Fuel-powered technology uses heat activated repellent to create an invisible, scent-free, zone of protection from mosquitoes.

Predator Introduction – Introducing ornamental fish (koi and minnows) lizards, geckos, dragonfly adults and naids, frogs, bats, spiders and crustacenas which eat adult and immature mosquitoes. 

Smoke – It will drive away mosquitoes.

Essentials Oils - Lemon eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oil can be put on your skin and will deter mosquitoes.

Citronella Candles - Citronella oil repels mosquitoes by disguising the scents that attract them to humans. Be aware that some are sold with a citronella scent as opposed to containing the actual oil.

Larvicide Applications – Applying a larvicide to a stagnant water source causes the larvae to be unable to eat and then they die.

Fan Traps - Fastening window screen fabric over the back of a fan will cause mosquitoes to be sucked into the screen and die due to dehydration.

Mosquito Bait Stations - These stations utilize the female mosquito as a vector to spread larvicide to other breeding sites and it collapses the local mosquito population.

Bug Zappers - A bright ultraviolet light is used to attract mosquitoes and once they get too close, they are electrocuted or caught on a glue-board. 

Mosquito Repellant in Irrigation Systems - Mosquito repellant can be added to your home irrigation system to rid your yard of insects.

Forced Air Movement - Any kind of fan or blower giving a constant flow of air on a person will keep mosquitoes at bay.

Carbon Dioxide Traps - These traps emulate the carbon dioxide scent of people to trick the insects into the trap and it sucks them in.

Spray Applications - Spray applications using a backpack mist blower or truck mounted spray gun are used to kill mosquitoes in an area.

Mosquito Mist Systems - A pump unit pushes a low-level insecticide or a “green” solution through tubing and nozzles located in the yard for two to five times a day for about 30 seconds each cycle.

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