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What are the Methods Used to Control Subterranean Termites?

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The methods for controlling Subterranean Termites vary according to whether there is an active infestation, their location and what area of the structure is being treated. Backyard Comfort & Pest Control offers all these termite control treatments.

  • Physical Barrier Pre-treat – A barrier is installed around the plumbing gaps that will not allow termite access into the structure before the concrete is poured.

  • Soil Pre-treat – A liquid is sprayed on the ground before the plastic, rebar and concrete area poured.

  • Wood Pre-treat – A borate liquid is sprayed on all the framing up to 2’ in height while the walls are still open on the structure.

  • Soil Trenching Post-treat – A trench is dug around the structure; liquid is sprayed into the trench and on the soil as the trench is filled back in.

  • Soil Rodding Post-treat – A rod is used to force liquid into the soil around a structure.

  • Sub-Slab Post-treat – Holes are drilled into the concrete slab of a structure and insecticide is sprayed through the hole into the ground beneath the slab.

  • Soil Bait Post-treat – Bait stations are placed in the soil around a structure.

  • Wall Bait Post-treat – Bait station is placed in the wall where there is a known termite infestation.

  • Wall Post-treat – Foam is inserted into the wall of a structure

  • Spray Application Post-treat – Liquid is sprayed directly onto the wood in a structure or outside of a structure where there are termites.


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