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Why Are Ticks a Threat and How Do You Control Them?

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Why are they a threat?
Diseases - Ehrlichiosis, Encephlitis, Relapsed Fever, Tularemia, Lyme, Spotted Fever, Rickettsiosis, STARI, Anaplasmosis, B Miyamotoi and Babesiosis
Viruses - Powassan, Heartland and Bourbon
Young and Old Will Bite You - In all three of their life stages they will bite humans
Numerous Types Like Humans - Blacklegged, Lone Star, American and Brown Dog Ticks

How do you control them?
Personal Protection – Wear clothing that covers up skin, tape clothes shut, wear socks over pants, do tick checks, remove them with tweezers
Habitat Modification – mowing the yard to keep grass low, reduction of debris in yard to limit favorable habitat
Removal of Hosts – feral animals in yard such as rodents, cats, possums and racoons
Be More Aware of Them Seasonally – early spring through late their activity increases
Avoid These Areas - overgrown vacant lots, weedy roadsides, fence lines, edges of paths/ hiking trails, wooded areas, abandoned fields, medium high grasses/shrubs, areas between wetland and woods, and sunny/open areas around woods.
Pesticide Applications – use insect repellant on skin, clothing with permethrin in it, monthly animal treatments (Frontline Plus) and applying it to habitats (indoor & outdoor) which is something that Backyard Comfort & Pest Control offers.

Check out more information about tick control treatments on our page at https://backyardcomfortandpestcontrol.com/flea_tick_control.asp

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