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What is “Green” Pest Control?

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There is no one standard definition in the pest control world so here are the descriptors that describe the type of products that are used in a “green” pest control program.

  • Eco-Friendly – environmentally friendly or non-pollutive to the environment
  • All Natural – naturally derived
  • Less Toxic – toxic to the pests treated but less toxic other non-target living creatures
  • Botanical –derived from plants

If a pest controller uses some combination of these terms, then the industry will accept that company as “green” pest provider.

At Backyard Comfort & Pest Control we do offer “green” pest control. We offer it as a service to minimize the risk of pesticide exposure using naturally derived pest control products and/or integrated pest management.
Here are some examples:

  • General Pest Control - using botanical liquids rather than use a product containing a synthetic ingredient
  • Mosquito Control – use of traps, bait stations or botanically derived sprays in a backpack sprayer instead of using an insecticide spray with a synthetic ingredient
  • Termite Control – use of borates or bait stations instead of liquid soil treatments
  • Rodent Control – exclusion and trapping used as an alternative to using rodenticides


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