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Insect Misting System Solutions: Insecticide vs “Going Green”

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If you are considering having an outdoor insect control misting system installed in an outdoor area then you need ask yourself what solution is best for your application?

Backyard Comfort uses numerous brands of insecticides and of natural solutions. Both kinds can be used successfully in a tank or a tank-less misting systems.

The insecticides are all pyrethroid based solutions that are water based emulsifiable concentrates. Riptide and Vampyre are forms of insecticide that use varying percentages of pyrethrin as the active ingredient and PBO as the synergist. Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide derived from the extract of chrysanthemum flowers. It acts as a nerve toxin toward insects but it is metabolized easily by mammals. Finally, it rapidly degrades in the environment which is why it is used so widely in insect control misting systems. Sector is a pyrethroid based ingredient called permethrin along with PBO as the synergist. Permethrin is the synthetic version of pyrethrin. It is similar to pyrethrin except for the following traits. It is synthetic and not natural, it last longer in the environment giving it a greater residual effect.

The “green” solutions are not inspected by the EPA because of the active ingredient that is in it. Brands include Naprovit Pro Plus and Bug Armor which are not as effective at killing mosquitoes than the pyrethroid based insecticide solutions, must be sprayed at least 2X’s as much per day and are more expensive. This product is completely “safe” to humans as well as fish and tadpoles. This solution is easy on the system, the tubing and the nozzle tips because it is a lot like soap. It kills insects by dehydrating their chitin which is their outer layer.

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