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How Infratech Heating Works

Heated quartz elements emit a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring ... read more.

Mist Cooling: Humid vs Arid Environments

“Cooling Efficiency-Relative Humidity” is the amou ... read more.

Outdoor Cooling Rental Options

If you are in need of outdoor cooling whether it is on a sports field, court, backyard, tent or patio there are three kind ... read more.

Why Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to Some Than Others?

Lab studies show that 30% - 50% of people are attractors of mos ... read more.

What is in a Mosquito Control Spray Treatment?

A mosquito control spray treatment is when a backpack mist ... read more.

Features of Insect Misting Systems

One of the best lawn insect control methods are insect misti ... read more.

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